Bodie’s Eczema Journey

See my reel here for more images. Managing and understanding Bodie’s eczema has definitely been a journey. We have been on this eczema journey with our baby since he was about 6 months old. Based on our (first) 9-month microbiome gut test results and action plan from Tiny Health, we have made some dietary changesContinue reading “Bodie’s Eczema Journey”

Our Baby Registry Must Haves

Here is my extensive list of Minimalist Baby Registry Must Haves. The products here are only ones we found to be useful and worth spending on. You will find a lot of organic and low-toxic products here, as well as toys, equipment and furniture geared to the Montessori approach. Every family, their lifestyle and cultureContinue reading “Our Baby Registry Must Haves”

Our Baby’s Eczema Journey

Ever since starting Bodie on solid foods at 6 months he developed eczema ands flare ups would appear around his cheeks, ankles, around his knees, folds in his skin like the back of his knees and elbows. Initially, I just thought it was a skin thing and did not think much of it. But itContinue reading “Our Baby’s Eczema Journey”

What’s in my Lily Jade Caroline Diaper Bag?

This Caroline diaper bag made of vegan leather from Lily Jade fits a ton of things in it! Plus, you can attach different kinds of handles to carry it multiple ways. Here’s what I pack in my diaper bag on a normal trip out: @honest dry wipes Water wipes @rawbyroque baby booty butter, @badgerbalm sunblock,Continue reading “What’s in my Lily Jade Caroline Diaper Bag?”

BABYBJORN Carrier Free: Is it Worth it?

If you haven’t seen my video yet, check it over here where I basically tell you what you are about to read about the BABYBJÖRN Carrier Free baby carrier. If you do not like watching videos then keep on reading because today, I am sharing with you my updated honest review on the BABYBJÖRN CarrierContinue reading “BABYBJORN Carrier Free: Is it Worth it?”

My Top 3 Eco-friendly Non-Tox Diapers

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that since having Baby Bear, I have slowly been making changes for a cleaner more eco-friendly toxic-free life. Ever since Earth day of 2022, I started with my first positive change: deciding to switch diapers. Here are the three diapers we love and use, andContinue reading “My Top 3 Eco-friendly Non-Tox Diapers”

My Top 10 Baby Summer Must Haves

You are here probably because you’ve seen my Baby Summer Must Haves reel on Instagram and want the list and coupon codes of the items I mentioned. Some include affiliate links and some discount codes. This just means that by purchasing through these links at no cost for you, I get credited for it whichContinue reading “My Top 10 Baby Summer Must Haves”

My Lactation Station

You are here probably because you’ve already seen my Breastfeeding Pumping Station video on YouTube and want the list of the items I mentioned. So, I will keep this short and simple. I will be listing down all the important items I have mentioned which will include affiliate links and some discount codes. This justContinue reading “My Lactation Station”

A List of My Favorite Products

(cleaner & kind) Join me in my journey to a more low-toxic and clean life, inside and out. After years of going back and forth in lifestyle and life changes, I finally understand more of who I am at the core. Slightly crunchy! The importance of quality has been put in the front of myContinue reading “A List of My Favorite Products”