Bodie’s Eczema Journey

See my reel here for more images. Managing and understanding Bodie’s eczema has definitely been a journey. We have been on this eczema journey with our baby since he was about 6 months old. Based on our (first) 9-month microbiome gut test results and action plan from Tiny Health, we have made some dietary changesContinue reading “Bodie’s Eczema Journey”

Our Baby’s Eczema Journey

Ever since starting Bodie on solid foods at 6 months he developed eczema ands flare ups would appear around his cheeks, ankles, around his knees, folds in his skin like the back of his knees and elbows. Initially, I just thought it was a skin thing and did not think much of it. But itContinue reading “Our Baby’s Eczema Journey”

Get Excited to Make Your Best 2022 Goals

I would like to assume we are all familiar with the New Year resolution trend, that is is set by the start of the year and ends about 20 days into it. In the last couple of years I have learned to set GOALS for myself rather than resolutions. Resolutions require making a firm decisionContinue reading “Get Excited to Make Your Best 2022 Goals”

Baby Bear Turns 2… Months

This blog is for you new mamas because I wish someone told me what motherhood would be like and what would need without having to try to sell me every single baby thing on this planet. So expect LISTS, a SIMPLE but CHIC lifestyle but not to the extremes and a whole lot of AUTHENTICITY.Continue reading “Baby Bear Turns 2… Months”