Montessori Standing Diaper Changes

As a part of the Montessori Toilet Learning process, we transitioned doing Baby Bear’s diaper changes standing up since he was about 10 months old. This was the point when he started becoming super squirmy and upset with being changed laying down. After testing out the flow of our new way of changing his diaper, weContinue reading “Montessori Standing Diaper Changes”

Our Baby’s Eczema Journey

Ever since starting Bodie on solid foods at 6 months he developed eczema ands flare ups would appear around his cheeks, ankles, around his knees, folds in his skin like the back of his knees and elbows. Initially, I just thought it was a skin thing and did not think much of it. But itContinue reading “Our Baby’s Eczema Journey”

My Top 10 Baby Summer Must Haves

You are here probably because you’ve seen my Baby Summer Must Haves reel on Instagram and want the list and coupon codes of the items I mentioned. Some include affiliate links and some discount codes. This just means that by purchasing through these links at no cost for you, I get credited for it whichContinue reading “My Top 10 Baby Summer Must Haves”

My Lactation Station

You are here probably because you’ve already seen my Breastfeeding Pumping Station video on YouTube and want the list of the items I mentioned. So, I will keep this short and simple. I will be listing down all the important items I have mentioned which will include affiliate links and some discount codes. This justContinue reading “My Lactation Station”

Is the Dreamland Baby Swaddle Worth It?

Swaddles are a baby must have and have been a huge part of Baby Bear’s sleeping journey. We would be lost without them. A huge thank you to Dreamland Baby Co. for sending us a weighted swaddle for our baby to try out, test and for me to give an honest review on. By sharingContinue reading “Is the Dreamland Baby Swaddle Worth It?”