Bodie’s Eczema Journey

See my reel here for more images. Managing and understanding Bodie’s eczema has definitely been a journey. We have been on this eczema journey with our baby since he was about 6 months old. Based on our (first) 9-month microbiome gut test results and action plan from Tiny Health, we have made some dietary changesContinue reading “Bodie’s Eczema Journey”

Our Montessori Entryway

Being intentional with our spaces at home helps us declutter and simplify our lives and the amount of things we have. Our little corner for Bodie has been carefully arranged with his needs in mind.  (At 11 months, he is unable to sit still and dress himself, but all that is in his entryway spaceContinue reading “Our Montessori Entryway”

Our Baby Registry Must Haves

Here is my extensive list of Minimalist Baby Registry Must Haves. The products here are only ones we found to be useful and worth spending on. You will find a lot of organic and low-toxic products here, as well as toys, equipment and furniture geared to the Montessori approach. Every family, their lifestyle and cultureContinue reading “Our Baby Registry Must Haves”

Our Diaper Changing Station Essentials

What a precious stage it was to have our Baby Bear living in our bedroom! I am calling that Phase 1 of his journey. Since we spent a lot of time in his nursery nook, I wanted to share what our Diaper Changing Station looked like. And yes that is in past tense on purposeContinue reading “Our Diaper Changing Station Essentials”

Baby’s Top 3 Favorite & Best Toys at 2 Months

We’ve made it to month two of being new parents without much damage! If you’ve gotten the chance to read about our baby’s favorite toys at one month, you would know that I am a huge fan of the Montessori method of education. Be forewarned, most of the toys we use are very Montessori-esque. IContinue reading “Baby’s Top 3 Favorite & Best Toys at 2 Months”

Baby’s Top 4 Favorite & Best Toys at 1 Month

New mama, if you are like me, you’ve probably spent hours scouring the web looking for the best toys for your baby, and it can get VERY overwhelming. I didn’t know how much I would love and appreciate the Montessori approach. In later blogs, I will explain to you why it was love at firstContinue reading “Baby’s Top 4 Favorite & Best Toys at 1 Month”