Our Montessori Entryway

Being intentional with our spaces at home helps us declutter and simplify our lives and the amount of things we have. Our little corner for Bodie has been carefully arranged with his needs in mind. 

(At 11 months, he is unable to sit still and dress himself, but all that is in his entryway space are things we currently use and are arranged ready for his next developmental stage.)

Setting up a Montessori styled space is not about perfection nor about spending a lot. It’s about having just enough to encourage your child’s development, preparing for their unique character and growth, as well as the rhythm of your family life as a whole unit. 

If you haven not seen our Baby Bears corner, make sure to watch my reel over here.

We spent $37 to set up his entryway (the cube, boot tray and hooks) and found everything else around the house which were hand-me-downs, bought on sale or thrifted.

Raising a “Montessori Baby”, I have learned it is best to know the principles first, observe your baby, assess your rhythm/routines, know your budget (ours is: spend as little as possible while investing in the more important grow-with-your-child things) and to remember there are a lot more years (& expenses) ahead of you. It is so easy to get swayed with all the pretty Montessori things online. We don’t need it all! 

I would love to see your Montessori Entryway if you already have one and let me know if you are creating this space for you kiddo too!

Here are the links to some things you will find in our Montessori Entryway and their alternatives.

1. Cube

We bought the Brightroom storage cube in white on sale from Target at $15, its regular price is $22.

Here’s a cheaper one on Amazon that I think might be good enough since nothing heavy will be on this shelf.

2. Small Boot Tray Beige – Brightroom

This boot tray was a splurge and is not that necessary. You can also use cabinet liners especially if you know snowy, wet or muddy shoes will not be on the shelf.

3. Chair

Our chair was a hand me down! So that was free! It was a chair from the Ikea Children’s Table Set.

If we did not have that, I would have bought this one from Sprout Kids, specifically because we have this set already and because it grows with your baby! 

Coupon Code: HAPAFAM for 10% OFF (from The Hapa Family)

4. Hooks

I first encountered these beautiful coated wooden hooks from Amazon at the Montessori school we go to and needed to get them for our home. They are the perfect size and aesthetic for any house!

5. Mirror

I got our mirror five years ago on sale at Tj Maxx. Here is something similar on Amazon. Our mirror is 11” in diameter without the frame.

6. Woven Box holding mittens

I bought this beautiful Filipon-style box from Goodwill maybe three years ago and found it lying around the house! For reference it is about 10” x 45”. Here is a cute tray with similar dimensions with handles. I can imagine bigger Baby Bear being able to carry this around! If you wanted a plastic one, Amazon has this simple tray that matches any home aesthetic.

DISCLAIMERS. This blog is solely an expression and documentation of MY journey as a new mom. 

Cliché as it may be: our baby is different from your baby— all babies are different. My journey as a woman, wife & mother is different from yours— we are all different. My partnership with my baby looks different from your partnership— because surprise surprise, things are just different. I do not claim to be an expert in motherhood or being a wife. These are all my opinions, my own research and my own journey. 

It is my hope that this blog helps you navigate yours a little bit easier. 

This blog contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. There is no additional cost to you. This helps support the blog and allows me to help support my family too!

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