My Top 3 Eco-friendly Non-Tox Diapers

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that since having Baby Bear, I have slowly been making changes for a cleaner more eco-friendly toxic-free life. Ever since Earth day of 2022, I started with my first positive change: deciding to switch diapers.

Here are the three diapers we love and use, and plan on doing so for as long as our baby bears need to be in nappies. FYI, we have tried a plethora of diapers, from the conventional popular brands at your local grocery store to a number of eco-friendly options online. These three + a bonus have worked the best for our Baby Bear and are ranked in no particular order.

1. Ecoriginals

An Australian diaper brand founded by a mom and dad in 2011. Their diapers are said to be the very first genuine biodegradable and plant-based. According to their site, they are the “world’s first and only plastic neutral diaper (and wipes) company…” One tree is planted for every order.

Not only are they eco-friendly but they are very clean, containing ZERO plastic and ZERO chemicals. No phthalates. No fragrances. No dioxins. No bleach. No lotions. Only sustainably sourced wood pulp, pure cotton layers, tissue paper, non-GMO corn starch (for softness) come in contact with your baby’s sensitive skin.

They have the following certifications: FSC, Derma-test, OEKO-TEX Confidence in Textiles.

These fit our baby perfectly and we have not experienced any rashes, leaks or blow outs with Ecoriginals. Personally, I love that they have a simple design leaving the diaper mostly white. We have also tried their wet wipes, and I must say, that as someone who was very involve with the Water Wipes, the Ecoriginals wipes trumps it in all ways especially because of how eco-friendly they are.

The diapers do not come with a wetness line indicator like most diapers, mostly because it is impossible for a non-toxic diaper to have that. Although a Con for others, it really isn’t a deal breaker since it is easy to tell when your baby’s diapers are full with these. They are puffier visually and to the touch when filled.

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2. GroVia Reusable Diapers

Started in their founder’s laundry room, in 2008 Kim ” created a line of eco-friendly parenting products to solve the daily issues parents face while nurturing their babies, and developed The Natural Baby Company.” A year later, GroVia, an eco-friendly diapering system, was born. Their cloth diapers are fairly and conscientiously made in China.

Among the four different types of diapers GroVia has to offer, we have tried the All in Ones (AIO) and the O.N.E.

Our favorite, the AIO cloth diapers are not only Certified Organic by Eco Cert Greenlife, but also so easy to use. There is no separate diaper cover needed, no stuffing, no folding. This AIO diaper is one piece and fits to grow with your baby, which means you will not be needing to buy an extra set for when baby is a certain size range.

It is able to do that with a number of snaps that adjust not just the width but the height of the diaper as well.

Among all the cloth diapers and comparison tests done by other mamas, the GroVia AIOs seem to be the slimmest (least bulky) of all. It is by far the most convenient and budget friendly cloth diaper out there while being sustainable as well. With that being said, we however have experienced blow outs and leaks while Baby Bear used these diapers, even with the extra liner snapped on. Although the blow out may have happened because baby hadn’t pooped in days and these AIO have gotten the blow of it, we have experienced multiple leaks, small and big.. whether it be a leak coming from just the leg cuff area or the whole back of the waist.

Now, Ive always wondered if it was an Us issue.. Did we just not put the GroVia on right? Maybe we used the wrong sizing for our baby.. which actually may have been the case because since expanding the diaper to its loosest height, we haven’t had any problems.

If you are looking to have less items in your home and just want one kind of diapering system in your home or want to try out an easy way to cloth diaper or are in need of the slimmest cloth diapers (so baby can fit in his clothes right), Grovias may be for you. Personally, we still love ours despite the leaks, and will be keeping them even for future babies!

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3. Esembly Reusable Diapers

Launched in 2019, this women-owned diaper business is committed to sustainably grown, low-impact, high-quality ingredients and responsible manufacturing.

Their organic diaper Inners are made from certified organic cotton grown responsibly in South Asia; and are made responsibly in Pakistan. The Outers are Oeko-Tex certified and responsibly made in China. The TPU fabric we use for our diaper covers and bags is made of 100% recycled yarn derived from post consumer plastic bottles.

Unlike the Grovia, this has two parts to the diaper: an Inner and an Outer. The Inner layer, the one that touches baby’s skin and absorbs pee and poop, is made with absorbent soft, organic cotton that swaddles baby’s butt. The waterproof-yet-breathable Outer layer goes over the Inner to make one blowout-proof diaper. As a bonus, the Outer can also be used as a swim diaper! I love how Esembly has a variety of really fun and chic patterns, with colors that are just so beautiful together.. not tacky at all!

In my opinion, although having two layers adds an extra step to diapering, it sure does ensure everything that needs to stay in the diaper, stays in the diaper. We have had ZERO rashes, ZERO leaks and ZERO blow-outs with Baby Bear using these reusable diapers.

You will be needing to purchase two sets of the system if you start cloth diapering from the very beginning. Although, we did not have this problem since we waited for Baby Bear to be able to fit Esembly’s size 2 before we started this journey. Either way, you are still saving so much money versus buying disputable diapers.

We love our Esembly set and have 14 Inners and 5 Outers, almost enough for a Full Time system.

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BONUS. Dyper Disposable Diapers

Bobby with our Baby Bear in his Dyper diaper at 1.5 months old.

Founded in 2014 by dad Sergio, Dyper has become a game changer being the very first diaper subscription service delivering environmentally friendly chemical-free Bamboo diapers directly to your doorstep. (They do sell their diapers on Amazon now!)

What caught my eye when we first started getting these after Baby Bear was done with the Newborn size was the material made of responsibly sourced Bamboo fibers and their Redyper service, although we ended up not availing of it since it cost extra ($50 per monthly box). I also love that their diapers are just plain white, so there is no unnecessary use of toxic dye to make it have characters on it. Dyper Diapers are “free of chlorine, latex, alcohol, lotions, TBT or Phthalates. They’re unprinted, unscented, soft to the touch, yet extremely durable and absorbent.”

They have the following certifications: Standard 100 certified by OEKO TEX, Dermatest, Plastic Neutral, Certified BioBased. Dyper diapers are manufactured in China.

When we used these, our baby pooped way more than he does now. So, we had experienced some blowouts with this diaper as well. But maybe just twice during the four months that we used this.

The only reason we chose to stop using this brand was because we found a cheaper yet soft diaper that fit our baby better from Target. Although, that brand was not an exact or better alternative- it said it was luxury but not at all environment friendly or toxin-free. However, after being done with lowering our standards, I opted to start using organic cloth diapers and then found Ecoriginals disposables for when we go out.

There you have it, our FAVORITE diapers we currently use on Baby Bear. We have tried almost every brand on the market with the help of free welcome boxes from registering in different baby registries, which I have a video about over here.

Ecoriginals, Esembly and GroVia are the only diapers we use and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Shifting to mainly using cloth diapers has been a positive game changer for us. We are able to save SO MUCH more, use higher quality materials for our baby and be kinder to Mother Earth.

What are your favorite eco-friendly low-top diapers to use on your babe?

DISCLAIMERS. This blog is solely an expression and documentation of MY journey as a new mom. 

Cliché as it may be: our baby is different from your baby— all babies are different. My journey as a woman, wife & mother is different from yours— we are all different. My partnership with my baby looks different from your partnership— because surprise surprise, things are just different. I do not claim to be an expert in motherhood or being a wife. These are all my opinions, my own research and my own journey. 

It is my hope that this blog helps you navigate yours a little bit easier. 

This blog contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. There is no additional cost to you. This helps support the blog and allows me to help support my family too!

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