Is the Dreamland Baby Swaddle Worth It?

Swaddles are a baby must have and have been a huge part of Baby Bear’s sleeping journey. We would be lost without them. A huge thank you to Dreamland Baby Co. for sending us a weighted swaddle for our baby to try out, test and for me to give an honest review on.

By sharing our experience, I hope to help you choose the right swaddle for you and your sweet babe.

Welcome to my honest review on the Dreamland Baby Weighted Swaddle!

Let me tell you right off the bat that the Dreamland Baby Swaddle is a YAY for us. So, YES the weighted swaddle is so WORTH IT. Although, if we didn’t get to try this swaddle out for free, I probably would have hesitated to purchase it, and I’ll tell you why in a bit.


If you havent heard of them, here’s some background on Dreamland Baby Co. It was started by a momma of 4 who desperately needed her son to sleep more hours at night. Fast forward she was featured in Shark Tank May 2020 and made a deal with Lori Greiner. Currently, they are a team of five lovely humans trying to spread the goodness of their weighted sleep products.

I am a big supporter of women and family owned businesses as I have one myself. Here’s a link of Tara’s Shark Tank video below because her pitch can do more justice than I can. 

Dreamland Baby offers weighted Swaddles, weighted sleep Sacks  and weighted blankets for your lil ones from newborn to 3 years + or about 30 lbs.


Our little Baby Bear was only about 9 weeks old when we started this collaboration, so I chose the Dream Weighted Sleep Swaddle, which is best for babies 0-6 months old and about 19-26inches long. 

What exactly is the biggest difference with Dreamland baby’s swaddles and sleepsacks compared to the rest in its niche? It’s basically a sleep sack with beads or what they call their Cover Calm Technology which no other swaddle or sleep sack has! The gentle weight of the beads naturally increases both serotonin and melatonin which in turn increases relaxation through deep touch stimulation. I imagine this to feel like a good gentle but warm enough hug from a loved one. 

Also, they are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Approved: which means that the materials are certified safe from harmful, allergenic chemicals and additives which is always a plus.


So clearly i appreciate that this swaddle has the beads.. But, I believe my baby does too!

Now, I can’t tell you that our now 16 week old baby is sleeping 12 hours at night, nor can I tell you that he had a hard time sleeping more than 4 hours a night before this swaddle. However, I can say that we’ve seen the most progress using the weighted swaddle during his day time naps. 

With the previous swaddles, he didn’t fall asleep quite as easily as he has compared to using Dreamland Baby’s weighted swaddle. The length of sleep at night hasn’t changed all too much, but again it seems that the time it takes for Baby Bear to fall asleep has shortened.

Other Pros:

  1. Builtin swaddle band, velcro inside
  2. Double zipper
  3. Zipper cover
  4. Snaps on sleeves 3 in 1-three ways, both arms in, one arm in, or both arms out–This is very important and makes this very worth it.
  5. Machine washable & tumble dry low
  6. 0.6 TOG is perfect for both warm and cool climates, perfect for where we live


A couple non-deal breakers:

1. after 2 weeks of its use, we noticed the top part where our baby’s mouth would touch discolored, nothing that couldn’t be washed away but worth sharing.

2. It takes longer to dry if if you wanted to air dry. We air dried it inside after its first wash, and it took half a day to dry. So, thank God we can dry this in the dryer.

AND lastly.. Remember how in the beginning I said that if we didn’t get to try this swaddle out for free, I probably would have hesitated purchasing it? That’s because $89 is quite a lot when you are new to all of this motherhood thing and have no idea what swaddle actually works best for your baby. *points at self *

But because I’ve partnered with Dreamland Baby, Ive got a coupon code for you! So, if you plan on getting their swaddle for your baby, make sure to click on the link below and type in my code which’ll save you 15% !


  1. Swaddle from hospital or other blanket swaddles- 3 weeks, it was great since we got to practice swaddling at the hospital then do it at home, kicking possible suffocation hazard- FREE/ 
  2. Swaddle Me- 7-14 pounds/ 26 inches, but i dunno if ours shrunk because he outgrew it so quickly, $33 for 3 pcs, 3 stages, others 0-6 for $25 material isnt high quality
  3. Halo Sleepsack- $25, 0-6 months, loved it, but arms out 
  4. *Halo Swaddle- $25, comparable to the dreamland without the weight, but never personally tried it
  5. Ollie Swaddle- Great Material Oeko Tex certified, grows with baby, the velcro enclosure reminds me of the inside of the Dreamland Baby, perfect for controlling Moro Reflex but i noticed our bay’s legs have started escaping and at some occasions especially at night this would bother him- $59
  6. Dreamland Baby- the best so far, $89 + free shipping

Now having used Dreamland Baby’s weighted swaddle, would I go and buy it ourselves:


We are actually buying the next size up for when Baby Bear is 6-12 months old, not too sure about using a sleep sack after a year though. However, I would like to get the blanket as well for when he is older, at around 3 years.

HEADS UP! They have their Semi-Annual sale to celebrate their son’s (Luke) birthday, where you can save 20% off! Find your discounted weighted swaddle or sleep sack here.

Make sure to check out my YouTube video reviewing this weighted swaddle, so you can take a look for yourselves if it is something that would work for you and your baby.

If you are like our family where we appreciate the quality of a product, would rather have less things but ones that last a long time, and plan on having multiples, investing in a Dreamland Baby Swaddle or Sleep Sack would be a good way to go! However, you know your family more than me, so I hope this review has helped you make an informed decision on which swaddle would be best for you and your baby!

 If you are a new mama like me, congratulations! Also, make sure to subscribe to my blog and Youtube channel to get more tips, products reviews and a look into my journey as a new mama.

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